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Florence School History

1890 First school by old hotel 

1905 Second school on Maple Street, Callison's, grades  1-8

1918 Second floor of Callison building for high school, at this time there were at least 12 outlying schools 

1921 Florence High School becomes Siuslaw High School

1930 High school is built on west side of Quince Street becomes Siuslaw Union High School Dist. 10

1945 Consolidation of SHS and outlying schools (District 97-J)

1946 Old elementary school on 101 completed

1951 Primary school on the hill (that later burned in 1980) completed

1954 SHS on east side of Quince Street completed

1963 Rhododendron Elementary School on Oak Street completed

1970 SHS on Oak Street completed

1986 Rhododendron Primary School on Oak completed

2001 Siuslaw Middle School on Oak completed


Information provided by Mrs. Marsha Klosterman and Mr. Dick Whitmore

School Songs

Alma Mater

On our city’s northern border

Reared against the sky

Stands our noble Alma Mater

As the years go by

Onward, upward be our motto

Conquer and prevail

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater

Hail Siuslaw, Hail
Hail Siuslaw Hail!


Fight Song

On Siuslaw, On Siuslaw,
Fight on for your fame
Put the ball right o’er the goal post

Victory is your aim, Rah! Rah! Rah!
On Siuslaw, On Siuslaw, Fight on for your fame

Fight ‘em Vikings, Fight! Fight! Fight!

We’ll win this game! 

Union HS 41-41.jpg

The old white high school and later the junior high, 1953.

Siuslaw High School, 1953.

Siuslaw Middle School.

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